Wednesday, August 27, 2008

International 3415

I have had this machine for about three years and recently I dug my first hole with it. I have used the front loader plenty of times, but had never really used the backhoe part. We are planning to build a house and needed a little perk test done. The hole turned out great, the test was less of a success. I wouldn't be surprised if next year frogs will make it their home if I don't fill it. The water was stagnant, not much good for a leech field.
But it gave a new appreciation for this machine. Though a small backhoe, it is a nice strong little machine. Well built and sturdy. I am getting a little worried by the belated maintenance. The paint starts to peel and it is in desperate need of repair of leeks. I wish I had more time.


Anton said...

Indeed a nice pit or hole for frogs, toads or salamanders to reproduce in in early spring once they come out or their hibernation.

I associate leeches more with fresh and streaming water, but I could be mistaken.

To dig a nice hole is always a thing from which one can get a " kick" regradless whether you do so by hand and muscles or using a machine.

Anton said...

What is the funtion of the two plastic buckets with lid on the second photograph ?

Anton said...

Is an answer too much to ask ?