Wednesday, January 2, 2008

1949 Case SC restoration 2006/07

Last year I decided to restore the Case SC. Except for the transmission, pto gear, hydraulics and cylinder core, everything has been taken apart. I had the the cylinder head rebuilt, valves and guides replaced and seats reground.
Everything was wire brushed to the bare metal, primed and painted in the original color: flambeau red. I replaced a few minor parts as e.g. the shift boot, some ball ends, gauges, wiring, hoses and of course several bolts and nuts.
Because this project was done mainly outside under a lean to, I did not want to bother with spraying and epoxy paints. Therefor, the tractor was primed by hand brush with rustoleom and the final coats of paint were also hand painted. We will see how long the job will last.

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