Sunday, January 27, 2008

Allis Chalmers C (1949)

This Allis Chalmers C was the first tractor I bought. It is a four cylinder gasoline tractor, built in 1949. I bought it on Ebay in the spring of 2003. It was located in Rochester, NY, about 250 miles north west. I picked it up with a U-haul trailer, hitched to our Jeep Grand Wagoneer.
In the days these tractors were built, few of them had three point hitches. These days three point hitches are a necessity to use attachments on a tractor so I decided to built a hitch for it. It did have hydraulics and a cylinder so it didn't seem to difficult. Done so, I thought I was all set up.
Soon however, the machine appeared to be to small for the purposes I had intended it for. After mowing an eight acre field with a 7 foot bush hog, the tractor started to groan and moan. Soon, I was on the look out for a larger one. Or perhaps, I was caught by the bug.

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