Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Nuffield 4/65

I acquired this tractor last summer at an equipment and farm auction. It is a Nuffield 4/65, an English built 4 cylinder diesel tractor of about 65 hp. So far it has been a adventurous tractor. The auction I bought it at was about 20 miles away so after I was told that it was a fine tractor, I decided I could drive it home. I did notice a little smoke, but did not let that discourage me. I hitched a cart, also gotten at the auction, to it and loaded it with more treasures. My companions agreed to follow in a truck to which we had hitched a large cement mixer with the result that they couldn't go faster than 10 mph as the mixer started bouncing at higher speeds. I started the Nuffield and, being a fast tractor, steamed ahead. But not for long. After about 5 miles, while climbing a hill, the smoke got worse and slowly it died. As I was driving on a state route, I luckily I made it to an intersecting dirt road. Soon my companions arrived. As it was getting late and our nine year old son possibly home alone, back from his play date, we decided to leave the tractor and other equipment and rush home. Getting everything pushed and shoved up the steep dirt road out of the way of rushing by traffic, was easier said than done. Those tractors are heavy. But luckily we had a truck and finally everything was parked neatly out of the way of oncoming traffic.
Next day early, I picked up the cart and other stuff with the Deutz and the auctioneer was so kind to load up the Nuffield on their trailer and bring it to our place.
When home, a quick investigation of the engine showed a very dirty filter in the air cleaner and the oil reservior disconnected. Clearly the reason the engine clunked out. Since then, I have fixed some coolant leaks and rebuilt the power steering cylinder as this was leaking oil which makes steering near to impossible. One day I hope to get to the core of the engine to fix the oil burning problem.


Anonymous said...

nice. i have one and two leylands in finland. mt

ArkeoPr said...

Hi I have a 4 wd BRAY soon I posted a photo.